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Pose Petal Powder
Rose Cleanser
Rose Face Pack
Rose Face Pack

Rose Face Pack

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Weight : 70gm

We meticulously source the best Rose Petal Powder from skilled artisanal farmers across India, handcrafting them into a delicate powder. Our Rose Petal Powder, perfect for a rejuvenating face pack, is meticulously prepared to ensure purity and effectiveness.

Harnessing the soothing properties of roses, our rose petal powder doubles as a gentle cleanser, enriched with Vitamin K, C, and B, making it an ideal choice for your skincare regimen. Whether you seek a rose face pack or a rose cleanser, our premium-quality rose petal powder promises unmatched freshness and efficacy.

Finest Quality Rose Petal Powder.

- Use it as a

rose face pack

with honey/milk/curd/rose water.
- To use as a rose cleanser or scrub, mix it with rice flour (if available) and water, gently massage the paste on damp skin and rinse.
- For hair mask, mix it in equal proportions with amla powder and water to make smooth paste, apply as hair mask and rinse off after 30 mins

Q. How many times in a week can I use

Rose petal powder

as a rose face pack ?
Ans. We recommend using it once a week as a face mask.

Q. Can I use Rose petal powder alone as a rose face pack?
Ans. Yes, It can be used used mixed with water/ curd to make facepack. We would also recommend to use this powder mixing it with Kolin clay / Hibiscus sabdarifaa powder/ Aloe vera gel as DIY face masks.

Q. Is it suitable for dry skin to use as a rose cleanser?
Ans. It is the purest form of Rose petal powder and suitable for all skin types.

- Reduces tan
- Adds glow.
- Deeply cleanses skin.
- Fades blemishes and spots.
- Controls oil production.
- Gentle exfoliator