Herb Alley

Journey from Humble home grown start up to Brand...

While studying Botany, working with plants and learning Ayurveda, I always wanted to make use of plant based ingredients in the daily bodycare regime. In order to go away from chemicals in daily routine, I started formulating plant based products at home.
It started with formulating hair oil, hair pack and body scrub to be used by family members. After experiencing remarkable results from these Indian traditional formulations, I decided to extend this product line under a brand Dr. Kavita’s Herb Alley.
We at Herb Alley believe in harnessing the power of Mother Nature by bringing you pure yet potent natural personal care. We use to create our formulations using ancient Indian wisdom and the purest of herbs and plant extracts. Every product we bring to you is developed from scratch; with locally sourced ingredients from our Indian farmers. Our products are artisanal yet backed by solid science, and specially designed for Indian skin and hair.
Our focus has always been on creating products that work without compromising on their purity or the Ayurvedic principles they are based on.
Each time you incorporate Dr. Kavita’s Herb Alley products into your daily personal care regime, you are giving your body, mind and soul the love they truly deserve.

- Dr. Kavita Kamat – Founder Dr. Kavita’s Herb Alley
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