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Love Your Acne

My client:- Kavita, Please give me something for this acne. I am horrified and pissed off.

Me: I love your acne.

Client:- Are you kidding? Do you want me to love those ugly pimples? Forget about loving I don’t even like them. Give me something to make my skin flawless.

Me:- First let us know your acne-prone skin. Acne is the most common skin condition. Mostly starts at puberty age & is always with most of us throughout our lives. Your facial skin is an indicator of your health.

For example :

  1. A cluster of small boils on the forehead during teenage in a girl means the uterus is growing & the body is adjusting its systems internally & indicates through that small boils.

  2. Acne around the nostrils means the colon has some issues & needs care.

  3. Acne around the eyebrows, and eyes means care is needed for bladders.

  4. Acne in chin means stomach, spleen & pancreas.

  5. Around lips & nose tips – heart needs care.

Yes.. hormones also play a major role. when you are stressed.. your internal health is impacted & hence indicates that through acne. so that you take action to be balanced.

So every acne that pops up will have a big internal story. wish each acne could speak. because we humans have lost our intuitions & the basic skills to understand our bodies.

We feed our skin unwanted things in the form of chemical cosmetics and clog the pores and when skin indicates this blockage through acne, we blame acne and not the US.

Now you all know that I have been on the #allnatural challenge for the past 3 years, but I still get acne, particularly during my menstrual cycle. The bottom line is to throw out those chemical-loaded bottles and adopt the #allnatural lifestyle that our Indian tradition has told us to follow.

Understand what your skin wants to tell you. If you can't help it.. please don’t trouble it using chemicals at least.

Dr. Kavita